A New Newsletter that might also be Pandora's Box

I started a newsletter over on Substack and the very first piece I wrote makes me nervous because I take on a topic that I feel ill equipped to speak about and I fear could bring about a lot of unfriendly feedback.

But the truth is I speak from my personal experience and I iterate that I am expressing my personal ideas, I am not speaking on behalf of all coloured people and I am not offering pithy or naive solutions.

It's a big topic and I think probably what I fear is being made aware of my own ignorance on the vast and complex subject and also facing "cancel" culture for expressing my views and experiences.

This could come back and bite me in the butt, what I'll probably learn is that I should be more informed before speaking on such vast and complex matters.

I suppose we'll wait and see and no doubt I'll learn from the experience.

If you'd like to read the opinion piece then you can find it here.


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