A note that I wrote to myself in 2014


Around this time nine years ago I had just moved out of the house I was living in a small town near Quebec City. I wrote myself a note following my time there and have kept it in my wallet ever since.

I resisted the note the other day and the messages were as pertinent now as they were for me then, so, I would like to share the note because there are some important messages in it that perhaps you might need to hear today.

Here it goes:

What have I learnt from this experience? 

  • That you cannot change yourself for other people, do what makes you happy, don’t try and be someone you are not to appeal to anyone else, you will never succeed.
  • To communicate - don’t assume, if you have a question or concern voice it early on before things become complicated.
  • Don’t wait for anyone, don’t give up your values or make exceptions for this who will not respect them or return them.
  • Behaving out of character for too long is disruptive emotionally, physically… it affects everything.
  • To be more open minded about other people and their loves, passions and way of self expression
  • Take risks but accept that sometimes you will fall and it hurts.
  • Pick yourself up, try again.
  • Don’t be afraid to have feelings and express them.
  • Don’t tolerate a stressful situation
  • Take care of yourself Annie, you are alone here.
  • Have more respect for yourself, don’t fall for fickle things, people, situations - you are better than that.


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