Tea Ceremony

The subtle and sweet Balance Blend

Tea ceremonies are not something I know much about to be honest.

In fact, if I'm being really honest, I never much liked the idea of tea ceremonies.

Maybe it's just something about the word itself that gave me a sense of these practices as exclusive and even a little bit elitist?

I've certainly come to appreciate the meditative quality of making and drinking tea.

I love learning about and connecting with the plants; where and when they grow, the medicinal and spiritual properties of the plants, when and how to harvest them ethically, drying, storing, studying and blending.

I like to build relationships with each plant that I harvest. I'll visit them throughout the year, talk to them, thank them, spend time with them and listen to the messages they have to offer. Maybe this sounds a little strange?

When I'm blending I usually go by instinct and I allow the plants themselves to direct me.

I love how the whole process stimulates all the senses: the texture of the plant matter, the fragrance, taste, the beautiful dance of flowers, leaves, roots and berries as they gently steep; I even love the subtle sounds of tea making; water being poured, sips taken.

I suppose all of this has a ceremonial quality about it?

Maybe I've been partaking in countless tea ceremonies without even being aware of it?

I guess I've just been hung up on a word all along, because ultimately I encourage anyone and everyone to find some kind of practice that helps them find a sense of calm, connection and gratitude.

How do you enjoy your tea?

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