Hello Little Hippie

Hello, I'm Annie.

I've been living in the mountains of BC since 2014 and learning about the traditional medicinal plants of the region I now call home.

I have an affinity for plants with spikes, thorns and prickles it seems!

Wild Rose
Oregon Grape
Devil's Club

It is said that plants with these characteristics are totems of protection, teachers of boundaries, and removers of stagnant energy.

These are some wonderful lessons that I have learnt from such plants, amongst many other valuable teachings and wisdom - however I've barely scratched the surface of what there is to know!

Nature always makes sense to me. It is where I go to find comfort, solace, and clarity, and the plants, animals and other magical entities I encounter there have taught me so much.

It is my hope to share what Nature teaches me with you, and to inspire you to foster your own connection with the natural world of which we are very much a part.

Thank you for stopping by, 


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