Could you live without money?

Mark Boyle wanted to know if he could live without money for a year. 

His experiment turned into a three year exploration that brought him closer to the land, to others and himself:

“More than anything else, I discovered that my security no longer lay in my bank account, but in the strength of my relationships with the people, plants and animals around me… 

My moneyless economy was one in which helpfulness, generosity and solidarity were rewarded…

I experienced how connected and interdependent I was on the people and natural world around me, something I had previously only intellectualised…

If the air that filled my lungs became polluted, if the nutrients in the soil that produced my food became depleted, or if the spring water which made up 60% of my body became poisoned, my own health would suffer accordingly. 

This seems like common sense, but you wouldn’t think so by observing the way we treat the natural world today.”

Could you live without money?

The realities of this terrify me a little, but I think that’s perhaps more of an indication of how much I’ve allowed money to control my life. 

Money seems indispensable if we want to participate in modern society.

But I do often daydream about what it would be like if the concept of money radically changed and collectively lost the value we give it.



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