With everything that's going on in the world I am finding myself in a strange sort of limbo.

Everything I was gearing up for this year has now been put on pause and that has created a large  and un-anticipated space that I am now having to navigate. I am sure this is something so many others are experiencing too.

I try to understand that all this will work out just as it is meant to; I try to see everything as an invitation. So right now, for me, I like to think I'm being invited to explore my own creativity and curiosity.

This time that I now have can allow me to slow down and regroup; to come back to what my values and focus on what I want to create. It is a time to gather my energy and start building on the structures and framework that will carry me and my business through whatever is unfolding in the world around me right now.

What are you being invited to do?


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