Starting A Business

I've wanted to talk about my experience starting a business for a while now.

I suppose the first thing that stands out for me is how much I am enjoying learning about business and the sense of empowerment I have gained from this process.

I have no prior business experience and there are no entrepreneurs in my family.

In fact, I am quite stunned at how little I knew starting out, and indeed how little I know now in regards to the nuts and bolts of running your own business.

I suppose I had never felt the opportunity to explore self-employment was never really available to me, and I'm a little sad about that.

Starting-up has shown me how little power and control I had over my personal finances and, even more unsettling, I was very much unaware of how I was spending my valuable time and energy and what I was receiving in return for this.

In short, employment is not for me, at least the general scope of employment that most of us generally recognise.

The only employment situation that has ever really suited me was one where I was working in a creative capacity, I was able to pick and choose my own hours of work, and I was very much encouraged to create and design according to my own will.

It took me nearly a decade to fully understand that this kind of freedom in the workspace is what I needed in order to be productive, motivated, efficient and fulfilled.

I'm so grateful to have experienced that unique working environment for it helped to reveal my core values.

Identifying my values gave me a foundation which I could build upon.

I started to recognise things people and situations that were not in alignment with these values and how giving my energy away to these things left me feeling dissatisfied and burned out.

Having a business has helped me see myself as a valuable resource and this has been incredibly empowering: my perspective has shifted and I'm learning to trust that I have power to create my own life on my own terms.

I am at the very start of my business journey and there is SO MUCH to learn, but I'm thrilled to be here.

I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into, and I definitely have days where I doubt myself and my business, but coming back to my values, remembering that I am my most valuable resource and choosing very carefully the places where my energy goes is giving me a sense of confidence and trust I never knew existed.

I hope everyone can find something that makes them feel empowered; we deserve to be excited about what we are giving our energy to.

I want you to know that you have what it takes to create the life you want to live.


  1. How do you know where to start?! I'm a creative as well and love the idea of starting my own creative business but am nervouse/apprehensive.


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