The Pursuit of Excellence (through non-conventionality)

hello little hippie

Here at Hello Little Hippie we make products that, by all other typical and accepted standards, would be considered unconventional.

The reason the products are unconventional is that they are made in the pursuit of excellence in every regard; from the quality of the raw materials used, to the processing, production and packaging - and not by capitalizing on a market trained to feel insecure and unattractive and therefore in need of a vast array of  "beautifying" products.

Quality and integrity are at the core of everything that we do here at Hello Little Hippie.

These values echo through in every facet of the business.

HLH creations evolve from a genuine desire and need for that item and because an equivalent that meets the quality standards of the owner can not be found elsewhere on the market.

Four Shrubs face oil came into being because nowhere else could there be found a reliable, genuinely sustainable, bioregional, and effective face oil that didn't consist of cheap and sub-standard ingredients,  chemical stabilizers and non-natural materials.

The plants direct the products and the process, not profit margins and marketing tactics.

We show up, listen and respond to the plants, and whatever is born from that dedication is what you find available in our store.


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