A business directed by plants

The way I develop any Hello Little Hippie product is governed entirely by the plants.

It will happen that a plant, in its own unique way, will let me know that I am to work with it.

It normally takes about a year of continued communication with a particular species until I know what I’m supposed to do with it.

I know when a plant wants my attention. If I ignore it, it will keep presenting itself until I have no option by to stop and observe and listen. 

I’m in awe of all the wisdom and expertise of professionals and amateurs who work closely with plants be they native wild species, vital vegetables, or masterfully cultivated flowers. 

I believe anyone who develops a relationship with trees, plants and flowers, or indeed any “living” entity, has a means of communicating with these organisms.

Cellular beings are infinitely intelligent and we rely on each other, it’s only natural that we connect and share wisdom and information. 

I’m learning that there are unthinkable amounts of subtle and sensual languages that we have access to and can use to communicate with all forms of energetic entities.

And these languages are not secret, shielded and arcane; they are readily available for those who are willing to be open, curious and playful with their attention.

Go out and watch the birds, listen to the trees, observe the running waters and feel the shifting breeze. Tune into all the words of the wild and let a wisdom greater than any devised by man guide you. 


Pictured: Oplopanax horridus and me by @itsas_mendia


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